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FARO Zone 3D Core

On Demand

Duration of Training: Two consecutive days, consisting of 4 hours of exclusively online training each day.    Course consists of instructor led training through demonstration and practice exercises, using files provided to the student prior to the start of class. 

Objective: The FARO Zone 3D Core training is specifically designed to assist new users. The course content is focused on providing a practical introduction to the many functions available in FARO Zone 3D. Beginning with an overview introduction of the interface to creating scaled diagrams and basic animations, the FARO Zone 3D Core class will give even novices the instruction they need to begin using FARO Zone 3D to complete a wide array of tasks. The basic class should be taken by all who are considering participating in any advanced training options.   

●   Interface introduction-description

●   Effectively working with layers

●   2D navigation

●   Creating to scale diagram(s) via satellite images

●   Get familiar with the robust symbols library

●   Using new tools to uncover multiple diagramming techniques

−   Direct distance entry

−   Place distance markers

−   Cursor align tool

●   Using coordinate data (Total Station data handling)

−   Manual measurements using baseline/coordinate

−   Manual measurements using triangulation

●   Basics of animation

−   Get an understanding of how to apply and manipulate animation paths

Create basic animations that will be a foundation to allow far more complex animations as required